Working with a real estate agent

You have probably come across different guidelines on how real estate agents should behave when working with their clients; but few clients don’t have many guidelines on how they should behave when working with their agents. Most real estate agents have been trained to work with people of different characters.  For them, dealing with different people can be frustrating.

Below are some guidelines to help you work with your real estate agents for better results

Be understanding

Most real estate agents work on a commission, especially if they work under agencies.  The affordable agents usually work part time and do not own major roles in their respective agencies.  Permanent agents may be expensive, especially if they work on salary with their agencies.  Agents on commission do not get the full payments when they do not sign any closing deals. It can be frustrating for such agents when you keep visiting several real estate properties with no intentions to close the deal.

Keep time

It should be common courtesy to keep time whenever you have a business appointment with anybody.  Wasting your agent’s time is like taking away other business opportunities. When you are late, ensure you inform the agent beforehand.  Avoid calling your agent for unexpected meetings. Do not expect them to work within your schedule; remember, they have other clients they will have to cater to.

Choose the right representative

Most people assume that if you are a real estate agent, you work on all sectors. When you are choosing a representative, you should ensure you get the right person for the job. Real estate agents specialise in commercial real estate, listing services and other areas. Ensure you interview the agent so you can get the perfect agent

Deal with the same agent

Dealing with separate agents can cause some confusion during the business interaction.  Calling separate agents during the transaction will cause a conflict of interest.  Calling the agency when you are working with a real estate agent instead of communicating with the realtor is a form if mistrust.

Don’t make the decisions on your own

Making decisions on your own is not the best thing to do when you are working with a real estate agent. Your agent is experienced in the field and knows all the right things to do. Before you make major decisions like open houses or inspections, ensure you consult with your agent first. Attending open houses on your own may not be the best decision. Real estate agents know everything concerning open houses and can tell if the price corresponds to the structure and the design.

Sign an agreement before you work with your agent

Signing an agency agreement prompts the agent to offer you an agency disclosure. The broker’s agreement is also important because it gives you an outline of your agent’s responsibilities and duties.  These legal documents create a professional relationship between you and the agent. Ensure you understand the legal stretch of the documents before you sign them.

How to get listing clients fast

The real estate business is a tough market for new real estate agents. When you do not have enough exposure, finding the right clients for a listing can take forever.  Buying a home can be easier than selling a home. Most times, buyers will approach your for real estate buying service. As a real estate agent, you work to make the buyers or sellers work easier.  You must understand the buyers or sellers need s in order to give the best services.  Home sellers are commonly known to hire real estate agents who are popular and experienced. If you are new to the business convincing the seller that you are good at the job will be a difficult task.

Here is what you can do to get more clients for your listings


Recommendations work well as a form of advertisement. You can get your family, friends and past clients to give recommendations to potential customers.  When you get any clients, ensure you put in good work so that they can willingly exchange recommendations and good reviews to their friends and potential customers.

Contact expired listings

This is a great way to get new clients. You can look through expired listings on the internet but the best way is to go through the ones in your agency. Always carry out a complete research on all the information before you contact any clients.  You never know why a listing must have expired; it might e due to poor advertisement, bad presentations, and incomplete descriptions and overcharged prices.  You can use your expertise to convince the client to offer you the listing for a better deal.

Open houses

Lots of people visit open house; you can find both sellers and buyers there.  It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get new listing clients. You never know, buyers in open houses could also be looking to sell their homes.  People looking to sell their home always look for alternatives before they give up their home.  Approach people politely when enquiring about real estate service; don’t forget to leave them your contact information.

Do it the hard way

Sometimes you have to walk an extra mile to find your clients. Door to door services are a thing of the past buy they can give you a great exposure. Direct your services to people who are ready to sell their homes; you can locate them through sign posts on their lawns. Make professional business cards and brochures to give out to potential clients when you are out.

Explore other listings

When people cannot afford to sell their homes, they rent out a small space. Explore the opportunity to work with rental listing clients. You can find them through your agency’s listing, other real estate agents and online advertisements.

Use all forms of advertisements

Online marketing has become one of the most popular ways of digital advertisements. Creating a website and a social media platform will give you all the online exposure you need.  you can post all your achievements , current listing and client invites to get new clients.

Follow these steps when starting your real estate agency

Most people venture into the real estate business for the profits; what many people do not realise is that there is more to it than that. Starting a real estate business on your own will require financial investment, dedication, commitment and professionalism.  It takes more than one hand to build your own successful real estate business.

Here is what you can do to become a successful real estate agent

Complete a licence course

Real estate is just like any other business; you require the right and legal qualifications in order to open shop.  To do this, you must complete a course and take a standard examinations set by realtors. Passing the exam gives you the freedom to start your own agency or become a legal real estate agent.

The business plan

Creating a business plan is one of the main essentials when starting any kind of business. The business plan is meant to help you start off smoothly. It should state your goals, financial requirements, strategies and other investment opportunities. Reconsidering all your options will help you make the right choices and think of the perfect strategies to start the business.

Market research

You can’t just venture into a business without an extensive market research.  It is important to help you understand the market, its opportunities, future threats and existing competitions.  Getting to know real estate in different areas will give you an idea of where you want to open your business. More so, it will save you time, money and keep you from venturing into a low profit area.

When you have done an extensive search and considering different areas you should compare the physical location, business plan, cost, company size and other important factors.

Create a brand

The brand you create for your real estate business will create some form of credibility and bring in customers.  Create a brand that will market your business, its reputation and potential.  Aim to create a brand that represents your business and what it offers.  Your brand or company logo should be memorable and catchy; this will be handy in the advertisement sector. To stand out from your competitors make the brand captivating, unique and different.

The legal structure

Make the real estate business legal by registering it. a legal structure is important any kind of business. Take care of the employment, profits, tax and legal obligations to make the business legitimate. If you do not understand anything about the legal structure, you can hire a professional to help you with the paperwork.

A marketing structure will help your business go a long way

Your real estate business is no good without some form of advertisement.  A marketing plan is meant to encourage the developments of your business. You get your first customers through good marketing. Invest your money in advertisements; create online website and social media sites where you can advertise for free.

The business operation

Setting a physical location is not enough, you have to invest some of those finances in getting a credible team to work with. an independent business may sound easy but you will not be able to run it on your own.

Thinking about buying or selling a home? – This is why you should hire a real estate agent

Most of us do not understand the importance of hiring a real estate agent when buying or selling property.  Agents not only make your work easier but also get you the best real estate deals. When it comes to the real estate business, they know more than you do because they have been in the business and sold or bought more homes than the average person.

Here is why you should hire the real estate agent

The follow the code of ethics

Any real estate agent is required to abide by the code of ethics; it clearly states that the agents should be honest and truthful in their dealings with clients. Remember, sellers are not required to follow any codes when making any deals. They can trick you into buying a house that is not worth its price. A real estate agent will give you all the information about a home before you make any decisions.

You will get good property at a cheaper price

Buying a real estate property on your own may cost you more than when buy it with a real estate agent. Looking for a home o your own will cost you more than you need to pay for. Experienced real estate agents can tell the estimated price of a home the minute they walk through the properties. This means they will be able to spot a scam from a mile away. With a real estate agent, sellers won’t try to sell your their property for more than it is actually worth. This is why you should get a real estate agent to help you find affordable houses.

They have good negotiation skills

One of the worst experiences in real estate is dealing with a stubborn seller. These issues may arise when you want to request for some repairs and changes; a real estate agent will make it much easier for you.  One role of the agent is to communicate between you and the seller.  When you want any changes, they can communicate that to the seller. They are more likely to get your point through to the seller or their agent.  Their role allows them to inspect the home with a professional and negotiate for any changes with the owner.

A real estate agent will take care of the paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the real estate business. For first time buyers, this can be exhausting.  The legal papers will require some sort of professionalism in order to understand.  Working with experienced real estate agents makes the process easier; they have been in the business for a long time and therefore are familiarised with legal paperwork.

The final word

When you are looking for a home with specific details, real estate agents will make the search easier for you.  You may be able to find the perfect home online, but sellers are most likely going to overcharge you.  a real estate agent will be able to find you the perfect deal at an affordable cost.

Advantages of real estate investments

Even though real estate I pricey, it is a great investment option.   Paying for a house upfront may have its advantages but not everyone can afford that kind of purchase.  Real estate investment can be in form of housing, land, apartments, 0office buildings, storage spaces and other brilliant ideas.  The trick about real estate investment is about maintaining the property to produce as much income as possible and appreciate in value as well. For beginners, you should start your real estate investment small and work your way up once you get the hang of it.

Here are some of the benefits of real estate investment

You are guaranteed a steady monthly income

Commercial real estate property guarantees you a steady monthly income. The location and type of real estate play a big part in determining the amount of profit you receive.  You can use the money you earn from your property to cover all the incurred expenses plus the mortgage and still have some money left to save. For real estate properties like apartments, office buildings and retail shops, setting up near urban areas can be more beneficial. You can use the extra income from your real estate property to build other businesses, save for new real estate property of for recreational purposes.

Real estate owners can get tax exemption benefits. When you own certain real estate property, you can get tax exemptions from the government. The money received from rental real estate properties is not subject to any self employment tax. This means that all the money you earn from your real estate property is entirely your own. You can also get tax breaks from travel expenses, insurance, some legal fees, property depreciation and property taxes.

If you won rental property, you can use the income you receive to cover all the mortgage payments. This means that the tenants are the ones clearing the mortgage payments; you can use the income from your job for other purposes and commitments. the early mortgage payments will increase your credit score; which increases the chances of getting bigger and better loans from mortgage brokers and banks.

With real estate, you have financial security which can sustain you in the long run. The real estate rewards will run for a long period of time as long as you maintain your property well.   You can supplement your life insurance policy and retirement benefits with the income you get from the real estate.

Real estate can generate your wealth through property appreciating in value. With time, most real estate property will increase in value. the value in the market  appreciates and depreciates constantly but a few years into the market is enough to increase your property’s value.  unlike most loans, mortgages have a fixed interest payment which favours the real estate owner when the values of home appreciate. You can use this opportunity to increase the rents while paying the same amount in mortgage payments.

As a real estate owner, you are your own boss. You have the authority to make your own decisions, choose your investments, choose your partners and make all the decisions.