How to get listing clients fast

The real estate business is a tough market for new real estate agents. When you do not have enough exposure, finding the right clients for a listing can take forever.  Buying a home can be easier than selling a home. Most times, buyers will approach your for real estate buying service. As a real estate agent, you work to make the buyers or sellers work easier.  You must understand the buyers or sellers need s in order to give the best services.  Home sellers are commonly known to hire real estate agents who are popular and experienced. If you are new to the business convincing the seller that you are good at the job will be a difficult task.

Here is what you can do to get more clients for your listings


Recommendations work well as a form of advertisement. You can get your family, friends and past clients to give recommendations to potential customers.  When you get any clients, ensure you put in good work so that they can willingly exchange recommendations and good reviews to their friends and potential customers.

Contact expired listings

This is a great way to get new clients. You can look through expired listings on the internet but the best way is to go through the ones in your agency. Always carry out a complete research on all the information before you contact any clients.  You never know why a listing must have expired; it might e due to poor advertisement, bad presentations, and incomplete descriptions and overcharged prices.  You can use your expertise to convince the client to offer you the listing for a better deal.

Open houses

Lots of people visit open house; you can find both sellers and buyers there.  It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get new listing clients. You never know, buyers in open houses could also be looking to sell their homes.  People looking to sell their home always look for alternatives before they give up their home.  Approach people politely when enquiring about real estate service; don’t forget to leave them your contact information.

Do it the hard way

Sometimes you have to walk an extra mile to find your clients. Door to door services are a thing of the past buy they can give you a great exposure. Direct your services to people who are ready to sell their homes; you can locate them through sign posts on their lawns. Make professional business cards and brochures to give out to potential clients when you are out.

Explore other listings

When people cannot afford to sell their homes, they rent out a small space. Explore the opportunity to work with rental listing clients. You can find them through your agency’s listing, other real estate agents and online advertisements.

Use all forms of advertisements

Online marketing has become one of the most popular ways of digital advertisements. Creating a website and a social media platform will give you all the online exposure you need.  you can post all your achievements , current listing and client invites to get new clients.