Working with a real estate agent

You have probably come across different guidelines on how real estate agents should behave when working with their clients; but few clients don’t have many guidelines on how they should behave when working with their agents. Most real estate agents have been trained to work with people of different characters.  For them, dealing with different people can be frustrating.

Below are some guidelines to help you work with your real estate agents for better results

Be understanding

Most real estate agents work on a commission, especially if they work under agencies.  The affordable agents usually work part time and do not own major roles in their respective agencies.  Permanent agents may be expensive, especially if they work on salary with their agencies.  Agents on commission do not get the full payments when they do not sign any closing deals. It can be frustrating for such agents when you keep visiting several real estate properties with no intentions to close the deal.

Keep time

It should be common courtesy to keep time whenever you have a business appointment with anybody.  Wasting your agent’s time is like taking away other business opportunities. When you are late, ensure you inform the agent beforehand.  Avoid calling your agent for unexpected meetings. Do not expect them to work within your schedule; remember, they have other clients they will have to cater to.

Choose the right representative

Most people assume that if you are a real estate agent, you work on all sectors. When you are choosing a representative, you should ensure you get the right person for the job. Real estate agents specialise in commercial real estate, listing services and other areas. Ensure you interview the agent so you can get the perfect agent

Deal with the same agent

Dealing with separate agents can cause some confusion during the business interaction.  Calling separate agents during the transaction will cause a conflict of interest.  Calling the agency when you are working with a real estate agent instead of communicating with the realtor is a form if mistrust.

Don’t make the decisions on your own

Making decisions on your own is not the best thing to do when you are working with a real estate agent. Your agent is experienced in the field and knows all the right things to do. Before you make major decisions like open houses or inspections, ensure you consult with your agent first. Attending open houses on your own may not be the best decision. Real estate agents know everything concerning open houses and can tell if the price corresponds to the structure and the design.

Sign an agreement before you work with your agent

Signing an agency agreement prompts the agent to offer you an agency disclosure. The broker’s agreement is also important because it gives you an outline of your agent’s responsibilities and duties.  These legal documents create a professional relationship between you and the agent. Ensure you understand the legal stretch of the documents before you sign them.